Lightning trading performance
Provide a variety of transaction type selection, order speed combination, one-click flash, more convenient to buy and sell
Custom trading panel
Freely define trading layout according to different trading
Account integration management
Multiple security verification settings, one account management legal currency account and currency account
View data more clearly by displaying the
market in landscape mode
Distinguish various transaction zones to
allow for differentiated operations
Trust address for cryptocurrency receiving to get
it fast and without authentication
Add to trusted address and receive it at one click
Colors displaying ups and downs can be
configured to users' preferences
Users can switch between nighttime and daytime
themes to enjoy better visual experience
iOS user installation tutorial
Download the app
Open the settings function in your phone and select "General";
Equipment management
In General, select the "Profile and Device Management" feature;
Choose to install
In the enterprise-level application category in the description file and device management, select the file name of the enterprise application to be installed (consistent with the prompt when opening), and click to enter;
Set trust
After entering the company signature page, after confirming the company name and application name in the company signature, click Trust "Enterprise Signature Company Name";
Launch the app
Go back to the desktop and re-open the app to use it.
Download Immediately
Click op right corner

Select browser open”